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#Re-Imagine Beauty with Fig.1

Where every step is about being more Re-sponsible.

The Power of "Re-" in Beauty

At Fig.1 Beauty, webelieve in a continuous journey towards a moresustainableplanet, and we've committed ourselves to furthering that mission. We understand that "sustainability" can be a broad and unclear target, and we arepassionate about re-shaping and defining what it means to be an eco-conscious beauty brand.

Re-fillable and Re-usable Packaging

Thoughtful Packaging, Timeless Beauty products designed for more than one life.

Re-sponsible Manufacturing

Minimize waste, our manufacturing process is as committed tosustainabilityas it is to quality.

Re- Education

Join us as we re-educate becoming your go-to destination for enriched eco-awareness in beauty.

Re-cycling and Re-ducing Waste

Return. Renew. Rejoice. Your empties fuel our mission, and you get rewarded. A better planet starts with a simple act.

Ingredients & Sourcing:

Know every ingredient by 2025 and trace their journey from source to shelf.

Re-liable Transparency

Alongside Partners we offer full transparency on our journey to a more sustainable future.



Courtney Rubin, MD, MBE, FAAD - Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

"Our mission at Fig.1 Beauty has always been to marry effective skincare with responsible practices. With the Micellar Oil Cleansing Wipes, we are taking a significant step forward in sustainable skincare, offering users a product that aligns with their values without compromising on quality."

Kimmy Scotti, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

"Beauty is an expression of both clinical results and responsibility. True allure isn't just about radiant skin, but stems from choices made with an eco-conscious mindset. With sustainability and refillable packaging at the core of our ethos, we seamlessly blend aesthetics with accountability, ensuring our impact is both profound and positive."

Refill & reuse

Save $5 every time you refill. Keep your outer glass, cap and airless pump -
and order a refill cartridge for $5 savings on your favorite Fig.1 products.

Free skincare consultation

Consult with one of our licensed estheticians today and design a skincare routine that's just right for you.